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For Users/Experimenters

If you are an experimenter looking to run experiments using OMF 6 resources with the OMF 6 Experiment Controller

For Developers

If you would like to extend OMF 6, for example with your own Resource Proxy for you own given resource type:

  • Guide to installing your development environment (follow the pre-requisites and then the 'Installation for Developers' track)
  • The OMF6 Developer Guide

Some additional guides and tutorials for Developers:

  • how to use the application resource proxy
  • how to instrument your resource proxy

Some design documents:

  • OMF 6 Design - Architectural Foundation for Federated Experimental Facilities (notes from design/planning meeting - Feb 16, 2012)
  • OMF 6 Broker Design - Broker Design and Architecture for Federated Experimental Facilities
  • OMF 6 Hardware Detection & Driver Design
  • OMF 6 Driver Usage for Experimenters

For Testbed Operators

  • Guide to installing OMF6 on your testbed(s) and resource (follow the pre-requisites and then the 'Installation for Operators' track)
  • How to install OMF6 on Android
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