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OMF 6 Documentation

For Users/Experimenters

If you are an experimenter looking to run experiments using OMF 6 resources with the OMF 6 Experiment Controller

  • Some tutorials on how to run experiments
  • The OMF Experiment Description Language (OEDL) for OMF6
  • Guide to installing your own Experiment Controller (follow the pre-requisites and then the 'Installation for Users' track)

For Developers

If you would like to extend OMF 6, for example with your own Resource Proxy for you own given resource type:

  • Guide to installing your development environment (follow the pre-requisites and then the 'Installation for Developers' track)
  • The OMF6 Developer Guide

Some additional guides and tutorials for Developers:

  • how to use the application resource proxy
  • how to instrument your resource proxy

Some design documents:

  • OMF 6 Design - Architectural Foundation for Federated Experimental Facilities (notes from design/planning meeting - Feb 16, 2012)
  • OMF 6 Broker Design - Broker Design and Architecture for Federated Experimental Facilities
  • OMF 6 Hardware Detection & Driver Design
  • OMF 6 Driver Usage for Experimenters

For Testbed Operators

  • Guide to installing OMF6 on your testbed(s) and resource (follow the pre-requisites and then the 'Installation for Operators' track)
  • How to install OMF6 on Android
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